You should have a Yoga Mat Towel. Here’s why

There is nothing better than relieving the stress of the day on your yoga mat. It’s like a blissful escape from the hustles and bustles of daily life. But as a newbie, you may have heard of a yoga mat towel but have no idea of what it is or what it does.

So, what is a yoga mat towel really? As a beginner, there must be a lot of questions hovering in your mind, for instance, “Can’t I just get a towel in my bathroom, throw it over a yoga mat and use?”

Well, if that was the case, towel yoga mats won’t be a thing.

A yoga mat towel is like a typical bath towel made to absorb moisture, but it’s also made to fix itself properly on your yoga mat and form a non-slip surface to aid grip and stability. They are made with different fabrics (or even silicone or rubber) to make sure that you stay safe and focus fully on your yoga exercise.

Now, you have an idea of what a yoga mat towel is, but you’re not fully convinced. You’ve been bent on using only yoga mats for so long that the towel feels new to you.

But not to worry! Here are some reasons why you should have a yoga mat towel.


Let’s delve in.

Benefits of a yoga mat towel

1. It saves and preserves time:

This should be good news for the busy-bee yoga enthusiast. Having a yoga mat towel helps to save time and effort used in cleaning and sanitizing your yoga mat.

When a yoga mat is used for a long time, it tends to absorb all sorts of sweat and give off a smelly odor. This is not good because the yoga mats can’t be washed in a machine and it takes quite some time before it dries.

But with the yoga mat towel, all your worries are over. Rinse the towel after every session, and you won’t have any issues.

Isn’t that amazing?

2. Enhances hygiene

Using a yoga mat towel will definitely enhance your hygiene level. First off, it shields your yoga mat from bacteria buildup, so it will last longer and give you value for your money. It also prevents wear and tear that could cause damage.

You no longer have to be worried about using a rental yoga mat at a studio and laying your face on it because the towel creates a hygienic and protective between the mat and you.

3. Gives extra cushion

This depends on thickness, but generally a yoga mat towel adds more padding for your joint. This can be very helpful especially if your yoga mat is thin, or on days when your joint may require more support than usual (if you’re doing complex yoga poses).

A yoga towel is usually made of very pleasant and soft material, so you should consider getting one especially if you’re not comfortable with the texture of your yoga mat.

What are you waiting for?

Get a yoga mat towel today.