Wireless wall outlets: the perfect modern solution

Do you wish to upgrade your house by using the latest technology? Does a smart appliance for your house sound intriguing? Without further ado, let us check out wireless wall outlets as it is an efficient way to achieve home automation advantages. These high-quality wall outlets will not only make your home walls look attractive, but they are also an excellent way to modernize yourself. They come with different outstanding characteristics which are:

Characteristics of wireless wall outlets:

These outlets are made for enabling you to control electricity and energy usage. They are designed uniquely and stylishly so that you can make a fashion statement. Thanks to the latest technology, now you can control them wirelessly through Wi-Fi signals. You can turn them on or off through a mobile phone application. By simply installing the app, you can have total control over them. You also have the option of controlling them with the help of a remote control.

Furthermore, they have a USB port for providing you the option of charging your phone directly through it via USB cable. The outlet is duplex, enabling you to have double switches while getting electricity. The red and green color LED indicators are made for indicating whether the outlets are currently turned on or off. The socket is of bright white color so that it can make a cool contrast with any wall color. It also has physical buttons for opening or closing the sockets, giving you more options to use household electricity and energy efficiently.

Functions available with wireless wall outlets:

They have many functions which you can take advantage of. Some of these extraordinary functions are as follows:

Timing Function

The timing function can be beneficial for stopping the wastage of energy and electricity. Its intelligent timing switch feature allows you to set the wall outlet to open or close according to the specified time period. You can create your own light schedule and feed it to outlet through the app. Install these amazing outlets and forget about switching the lights on or off again and again.

Protection Features

Accidents due to electricity can be life-threatening, so protection is necessary. The outlet has five protections integrated into it for the safety and protection of your children and house. These protections are short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection. They will ensure no damage is done to any accessory getting electricity from the outlets and no accident occurs. As they have five protections, they are a secure and safe product to be installed at your place.

The outlet’s TR design is specifically for the child’s safety and prevents safety hazards. This protection is dedicated primarily to children and small kids. So, your kids cannot insert their fingers in the sockets and be protected from electric shocks.

Manufacturing material

The manufacturing material is of high quality, PC fireproof, and flame retardant. It gives protection to the outlet from catching fire or being burned. So, get these outlets now and bring convenience and comfort in your life.