Why choose crepe pans for your breakfast feasts?

Are you a breakfast person that loves an amazing array of crepes to indulge in? Do you make them at home but are they never as good as those from the local café? You may have the complete ingredients, and the recipe practiced to the dot, but not having the right pan makes all the difference. That’s why we bring you two sets of versatile crepe and pancake pans to make your crepe dreams true.

Why Use This Over A Regular Pan:

If you have ever made crepe pancake mix, you must have realized that it’s sticky and tricky. So, with one take, you will see the difference between using a standard pan over a specialized one. The advantages include a shallow edge that enables a fiery yet easy flip, a steady base that does not aid sticking and an even cook with its vast surface area. It is also versatile, feels sturdy in hand, and overall creates visually pleasing products.

Even Fast Cooking:

You might be skeptical about it now, but one bite from an awe-inspiring pancake made right will change your mind. With such intriguing features and yummy results, the investment is well worth it. The sturdy handle makes the processes of flipping smoother, while the non-stick surface provides flawless performance. Both pans come with a handy bamboo spreader that allows an even spread of the batter with just one rotating movement. The outer silicone material is lead and Teflon free with an extended temperature tolerance. The surface also keeps the essence of the pancake or crepe intact, making sure to dish out freshness every time. You can’t go wrong with these around!


For the best heat retention and a crispy golden crust, one needs a pan that treats the batter with care. The pan delivers a golden exterior that cushions soft interior that goes perfectly with all kinds of fillings, fruits, and much more. Some specifications include:

outer dimension of 7.1 x 12.9 x 1.1 inches

Has a premium cooking surface of 6.1 inches

Efficient and strong Carbon Steel source material

Grade Silicone Coasting that results in a non-sticky layer

Comes with a five Years Warranty

Weighs only 1.17 lbs which makes it lightweight


Crepes are all about the consistency and texture that moreover melts in your mouth. The eight-inch cooking surface has just the right amount of heat distribution with a handle that’s the ideal size for optimum control. It’s made with wear-resistant and robust Aluminum Alloy for long term commitment. The strong outer coating is, however, sensitive to direct contact with tomato products or vinegar. Rigid use of a steel spatula on the surface can result in pits or corroded spots. The pan also enables a superior temperature range of 20 to 220 degrees. Use the bamboo spreader to create soft, intricate swirls from the batter with just one flick of the arm.

This elegant, sophisticated, and specular range of crepe pan and tools are so good that you won’t even need to use oil. Now make scrumptious crepes and pancakes with lots of whipped cream, Nutella, and fruit for a hearty breakfast or snack.