What to look out for before choosing bathroom vanity Bunnings

You have saved up money over the years and rewarded yourself with a dream home. Congratulations!

Or you woke up one morning and decided that you were going to give your house a new look that month. Kudos to you!

One of the most important areas of your house is the bathroom, as it is a place that beholds your privacy. So, let’s say you have taken the bold step and have decided to give your bathroom that tasteful and radiating glow it deserves. How do you go about it? What should be done at what time?

Proper planning is very essential in all areas of life, and this should not be an exception. You must note that everything depends on you and your taste, and you do not have to be a billionaire to get the right bathroom vanity Bunnings. Everything boils down to planning and budgeting.

bathroom vanity Bunnings

Here are the essential things you need to do to give your bathroom that needed glow and light:

  • Have a bathroom floorplan: Some people may be like, “what? Is that even a thing?” Oh yes, it is, ladies and gentlemen. Before you start talking about getting bathroom vanity Bunnings, you must draw up a floorplan. The two most important factors you must consider when drawing up this plan is the space you have and the persons (probably family members) that would be needing it. You need to also include the shower, toilet, cupboard and the rest.  Finally, make sure that there is ample space for drawers and doors to open so that people can walk past it. If it is too tight, cleaning may be difficult.
  • Should it be wall-mounted or freestanding: Now this boils down to personal choice. Freestanding vanities conceal pipes and are perfect if you want to refurbish your bathroom quickly. But the ones that are mounted on the wall are more sleek, modern, fashionable, and it makes the viewer feel that there is more space than there actually is (it creates illusion). So, choose this day which you shall buy.
  • Consider the plumbing: in this case, you must speak to a good plumber before trying to set anything up. This is because it is easier to replace an already existing vanity with a new one if it corresponds to the plumbing. If you are creating a new bathroom, make sure that the vanity and different design features correspond to the plumbing.
  • Create a unique look: What’s the need of refurbishing when no one likes it? What do you do when your bathroom looks like everyone else’s? Do not settle for anything else until you find the right bathroom vanity. Some vanities come with already existing benchtop and basin, but some have customizable options. For example, some vanities give out either white or black basins.
  • Do the final work: Amid all the craziness, you need to take your time and enhance the functionality of what you have bought.

Bathroom vanity Bunnings can be gotten anywhere you leave. This is especially true if you leave in Australia. So take the leap and get one today. You would surely not regret it.