What Makes a Good Beach Towel?

How long has it been since you haven’t bought a new beach towel? Even if you think your old towel is good and works perfectly fine, it will shock you that they can accumulate bacteria over time. And after months of using them, their ability to absorb vanishes. So, if you are now considering restocking your beach towels which are more of a necessity, consider buying bulk beach towels. Besides giving you all the perks, they will also help you save some bucks.

But there is a lot of competition in the market with the introduction of many towel types. But worry not because we are about to let you in on some of the factors that combines together to make a good beach towel. This will help you find the best one on the market. Let’s roll!

Factors That Combine To Make a Good Beach Towel


Cotton is one of the best materials that a beach towel could be made from. This is because cotton is a very soft, absorbent, and comfortable material. Because a beach towel is laid upon or wrapped around the body, the material should be smooth and comfortable. It shouldn’t be rough and painful.

Weave Type

The weave type is essential to consider while buying a beach towel because it determines what feel will it give. Cotton spinning is one very common way of making beach towels, but this way, the towels get a rough finish. For a more premium feel, buy a towel woven with a ring-spun method which makes the towels more refined and more durable. Another technique of towel weaving is combing, which removes smaller and weaker fibers that will break after one or two uses—this way, the towel is made smoother and gives a quality feel.


Beach towels come in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes. Following are some examples:

  • Standard strips
  • Tropical designs
  • Cool graphics
  • Wildlife printed
  • Tie-dye
  • Neutral color designs


Absorbance is something that should be among the first factors on the list. Because it is a beach towel, people dip in the water and dry themselves to lay and sunbathe. It should absorb fast, or else you would be all damp and sandy. The best material for absorbance is cotton or terrycloth.

Weight and Size

Don’t think that thick beach towels are better than thin ones because that’s not the case. Instead, very thick towels catch more sand, making it difficult to get rid of it. Thicker towels are also heavier in comparison, making your beach bags heavier and consuming more space than a regular towel.

When it comes to towel size, a too small or a too large towel would create a mess. Make sure you get a towel two inches taller than your current height.


The beach towel you decide to get should be durable enough to withstand the test of time and all the wear and tear, considering it’s a beach towel. Choose a suitable beach towel that will not lay any weight on your shoulder when you use it. Furthermore, it should be absorbent and plush. Pick the size that meets your specific needs. Finally, choose vibrant colors and cool designs according to the beach ambiance you usually visit.