Top vanity furniture maintenance tips

Bathroom vanities are one of the essential items in any bathroom setting; this is evident in the way these vanities serve various purposes. One of the many purposes the bathroom vanity serves is that of housing the vanity cabinet. Cabinets are quite useful in conserving space and keeping things tidy in the bathroom. Although these cabinets give your bathroom a distinct and appealing look, things could get ugly when these cabinets are not well maintained. This article highlights possible ways to take good care of your bathroom vanity furniture.

Wipe the furniture regularly

It’s quite essential to maintain the appearance of the wooden finish of the cabinet furniture, and an excellent way to go about this is by continuous cleaning. To ensure effective cleaning, you could dab a towel in mild soap and warm water. Use the wet towel to wipe the furniture cover from one end to another and try not to dwell too much on any part of avoid soaking the wood; use a dry towel to wipe residual moisture afterward. There’s a certainty that the wet towel wouldn’t get some sticky dirt on the furniture, the use of a soft brush could suffice in this situation.

Polish the wood

An excellent way to keep your cabinet furniture in pristine condition is by applying polish to it. The polish serves in two different ways; it helps in covering scratches on the surface of the cabinet, and it also helps to prevent termite attack. To ensure the polish isn’t visible on the surface, you could make use of a polish that’s the same color as the wood.

Position it away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight has a fading effect on the polish of wooden furniture, and your vanity cabinet is no different. When such exposure becomes prolonged, a situation called ‘spotting’ begins to occur. Spotting refers to the phenomenon whereby bright and dark spots appear simultaneously across the surface of the furniture. Furthermore, increased exposure to extremely hot objects tends to disfigure the finish over a while.

Keep sharp objects and chemicals away

It’s no gainsaying that the continuous contact of the cabinet with a sharp object is likely to leave dents on the surface of the furniture. In many instances, these dents begin to widen, and water begins to seep through the gap; this could be the beginning of the end of the cabinet furniture. Chemicals, on the other hand, tend to react with the polish on the surface of the cabinet. When these chemicals react with the polish on the surface, an uneven shape begins to appear.

Final thought

Vanity cabinets are only attractive when kept in pristine condition. It’s essential to take proper measures as regards the maintenance of the vanity cabinets to ensure it remains quite stylish. Furthermore, keeping a good maintenance culture ensures optimal durability of the cabinet.