Top mistakes to avoid when buying fut coins

We all know that we’ve got a new FIFA game to enjoy and have fun with. What we do not know how to manage is Mistakes to Avoid whenever we want to buy Fut Coins. This article is going to show you some nice simple tips you can follow especially when you want to avoid mistakes as you purchase FUT coins.

Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing FUT coins

The list below elaborates more on some of the the mistakes to avoid when you’re buying fut coins

1. Trying to Consciously Avoid Mistakes

FIFA is a game we all know we get new versions of it as the years go by. Most of these players cannot wait for the new FIFA to be released. This way they can start their wonderful ultimate team journey. Creating a team from a scratch is always fun and interesting. This is truly one of the main reasons we all purchase the latest version of this game whenever it gets released.

Sadly some people always make some mistakes when they get these new packs. They always say to themselves, next year when I get the new one, I’ll be wiser.

2. Mistakes with Placements and buying FUT coins

One of the first mistakes done is that, after using these FUT coins, you would go and start playing online matches the second you have up to eleven players on your team. These first five placement games usually determine the rank you would be kept at and these are part of the most important matches you would ever get to play. You need to truly aim for more divisions so that you would gain more coin rewards. These placements whenever they get into the second division, they normally give you about a hundred and twenty-four thousand credits to begin. This amount is quite more than enough for your building team to start.

Placement through the next division would get you about eighty-nine thousand coins. If you get qualified for the fourth division, you would get forty-four thousand coins. These are the reasons why you need to get as many coins as you can lay your hands on. If you do not get a high ranking, you would just be annoyed with yourself and trust me. That is a very sad feeling. You need to start playing a lot of games offline so you can gather a lot of coins and then create a wonderful team before you go and play for the first five-division online rival matches.

3. Don’t be in a rush to sell your players

Whenever you open your new game packs, do not just rush and sell your players. At the end of 2019, great players like Sissoko and Rashford were worth about 10k during the first week. But around the third week, the price increased massively and was more than 50k. You need to patiently wait for the marketplace to be stable before you rush and sell your players. You need to gather as many great players as you can get before you go selling some off.

Final thoughts

There you have it! While buying fut coins, carefulness becomes a must-have skill. This list is a guide that explains some of the tip mistakes to avoid while at it!