These must-do tips will greatly improve your gardening

Whether it is a source of food and herbs for you or simply an abode for your flowering plants, gardens are a beautiful addition to the landscape of your home. Having a garden and maintaining it, therefore is advantageous. While many factors influence your gardening success, your tools play a crucial part. With some garden tools tips and tricks such as those shared in this article, you can improve your gardening and make the most out of it. Let us now look at some of these maintenance tips.

7 garden tools tips and tricks that will improve your gardening

  1. Keep sharp tools sharp

Cutting and digging tools with blades need to be sharp if they are to work effectively. For tools such as pruning shears, garden knives, hoes, shovels, and axes, regular sharpening with the right type of material is necessary. Keeping your tools sharp as needed will save gardening time and effort and will improve the quality of your garden experience.

  1. Store properly for longevity

Unless you want to have to spend money replacing the same tool over and over again, it is important to maintain it through proper storage. Garden hoses, for example, are best kept on a hose reel and while some tools can be hanged on the wall for storage, others such as brooms require a different kind of storage method. Storing tools the right way will ensure they do not pose a danger, laying around the garden or garage and it will make them last longer.

  1. Get your tools in

Leaving your tools outdoors for the elements to take a toll on them will result in their reduced lifespan. Having a garden shelter or using your garage as storage space for your tools will help to keep them in good condition for longer.

  1. Keep rust away

Metal tools are prone to rust as time goes on. To slow down or prevent rusting, keep tools away from moist areas, dry them properly after washing, and oil as required.

  1. Eliminate dirt

Dirt left on garden tools for long periods also contribute to rust and dulling of sharp tools. So, tools should be thoroughly cleaned or washed after every use. Also, cleaning storage spaces is important to avoid mold growth and improve the general hygiene of your garden.

  1. Invest in stainless

Stainless tools outdo tools made with inferior materials such as rubber for a number of reasons. To mention some, they are resistant to heat, corrosion, and fire. They are also durable and recyclable. What is more, they are a great aesthetic addition to your garden – they just look pretty. Investing in a stainless steel garden hose and stainless trowels, spades, hand tools, for example, will give you these benefits.

  1. Upcycle

You can up your gardening game and add a unique touch of your personality by upcycling old materials and tools from your house and garden. For example, you can turn used tin cans, mop buckets, or old boots into planters – it is a bonus if you make them decorative. Also, a detergent bottle will make a nice watering can and even old hoses can become garden edge markers, covers for bucket handles, and hanging lines/ropes for tools.

Final Thoughts

When you have a home garden, you will find that it can be fun to maintain. It may seem daunting to keep your garden in premium condition, especially if you are not a professional gardener or you are just starting out. But with dedication, the right tools, some effort, and the helpful tips discussed in this article, you are sure to maintain a home garden you are proud of.