The Ultimate Guide to Use Jellyfish Lava Lamp

Calling all the thalassophiles out there! You must be dreaming of getting closer to the sea. We are aware that your love for sea creatures knows no boundaries. And if you are imaginative and creative and add on accessories to adorn your space, this adds salt to the scenario.

Lamps have been a go-to accessory that never got a replacement but up gradation. Its transformation from classic vintage lamps to contemporary LED lamps is outclass.

The present era has entirely changed the concept of lamps, and the varieties are enough to stun us. One such lamp is the jellyfish lave lamp.

Surf in the sea with this blog post as we are about to guide you on the use of jellyfish lava lamp.

Jelly Fish Lava Lamp

Eyeing the word “Lava” may instantly question the combination of lava and jellyfish. But to be more precise, lava is a metaphor describing the water in motion.

A lava lamp is composed of a clear and enclosed vertical container. A lid on the top conceals it. The same cap contains the LED source and the container, some other essentials such as the remote, the jellyfish, and the cable connecting the lamp to the electricity source.

Assembling a Jellyfish Lava Lamp

  • The most exciting part is that the package comes in pieces. You have to pull yourself together to assemble it. Well! This must be satisfying to build something from scratch.
  • After the unboxing, align the components properly to avoid messing them together.
  • Open the lid of the transparent container and fill it with water. Make sure to fill it considerably. Do not overfill because it might ruin the whole thing.
  • Put the jellyfish received in the package inside the container.
  • Close the lid tightly.
  • Connect the cable to the lamp in the designated port and charge it.
  • Once charged, turn the ON button and see the magic. The jellyfish lava lamp undoubtedly will be a remnant of your good sea times.

Using a Lava Lamp

The LED source of a jellyfish lava lamp is spectacular. With the remote in hand, imagine diving in the deep sea with jellyfish swimming around you. The changing colors will remind you of the excellent diving experience. A jellyfish lava lamp on your side table at bedtime can be of great psychological comfort. The sight of the squishy jellyfish brings life to it.

Using a jellyfish lava lamp in an ocean-themed set-up will be a great combo. The moving jellyfish and dancing water spread positive vibes.


A jellyfish lava lamp is not just an accessory but an emotion. It can be a replacement for your sea cravings.

The jellyfish lava lamp can take you on a virtual stroll on the beach. The LED source with a range of colors makes it just wow! To set up a jellyfish lava lamp, either follow the instructions or simply fill the container with water followed by the jellyfish placement. Close the lid, get the power and turn it on.

Once on, see the magic happening before your eyes.