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Simple Ways To Fix A Garden Hose Reel Onto A Wall

Anyone who has ever used a garden hose reel that is not mounted is aware of how untidy it can get. Leaving hose reels on the floor is sometimes considered a hazard.

There is no doubt that when you hang your hose reel, you maintain a tidy place. A durable hose reel will last a long time if properly maintained and kept out of harm’s way.

Installing a hose reel on your house wall is not complicated at all. It is important to note that the mounting of a hose reel depends mostly on the siding on your house.

The Preliminary Process

It is vital to replace the screws that come with the hose reel from the manufacturer. This is because the manufacturer’s screws are not built firmly. 

Some alternatives can work better than the screws that come with the hose reel. These alternatives are available at hardware stores.

Please keep in mind that having the right specifications and buying the screws accordingly is important.

If you do not use the right screws, you might have to uninstall the reel, replace the screws and reinstall the hose reel in a short time.

Needed Items

  • A tape to measure
  • A pencil
  • A working drill bit set for boring wood
  • A power drill
  • Galvanized deck screws of 3-inch and its accompanying screws
  • Clear silicon
  • A hammer
  • A screwdriver bit

The Main Process

First, you should measure the distance from the exposed plumbing fitting to the wall surface where you intend to install the hose reel.

Please slightly mark out the intended location of the hose reel on the wall with a pencil. You could also use chalk to do the marking.

If your siding is vinyl, aluminum, or wood, you should raise the hose reel against the intended wall space, then align the screw holes over the holes of the siding.

Keep in mind that if the house is made of brick, you should center the screw holes on the bricks instead of its joints. This is because the mortar joints are weaker.

Now you should mark the points, then drop the hose reel.

The plan is to fix the hose reel to the wall. So choosing a drill bit with an equal diameter or a diameter smaller than the required screws, drill pilot holes.

For brick houses, use plastic anchors that are 2-inches. For house sidings made of wood or vinyl or aluminum, several 3-inch galvanized screws are needed.

To keep the moisture out, squeeze the clear silicon into the pilot holes that you have made. 

Then drive in the screws in their appropriate positions until they are firm. This can be done using the screwdriver bit (Philips). 

If you have chosen to use plastic anchors, use the hammer to force the anchors into the pilot holes without the silicon drying

The short hose of the reel has a connector to the bib, twist it. Then the end of the garden hose reel should be tightened to the reels’ threaded connector.

You can now roll your garden hose reel in by cranking the handle of the garden hose reel. Mission accomplished.


The complete process of mounting a garden hose reel on the wall of your house is easy and unproblematic if you know what you are doing.

Remember to put on all personal protective equipment (PPE) and stay safe.

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