Scabal History

Founded in 1938 by Otto Hertz, Scabal was originally a cloth merchant and supplier of fabrics. His successor is JP Thissen, who is assisted by his son Gregor Thissen, the third generation of the family owned business. Through the acquisition of fabric brand Wainshiell, Scabal traces a history back to the 18th century.
Today Scabal employs almost 600 staff worldwide. Over the years Scabal has evolved into a producer of top quality fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and textile businesses around the world and as a manufacturer of the finest suits, jackets and shirts for the most demanding men. Since 2009 we opened several Scabal stores to be able to show the full range of apparel, including our accessories range.


In a difficult after-war climate when ration stamps still had to be used to purchase goods, the brand Scabal is officially launched on the 18th of June. Scabal is the acronym for: Société Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande Luxembourgeoise, already a sign that Mr. Hertz wanted his company to have an international appeal.

Scabal moves to the location where it has been till today in Rue des Commerçants, initially at nbr 50 on the 1st floor and restarts the production of bunches based on the pre-war model, of which the most famous the Superlana VII. Marchandise was carried up and down the stairs to help out the growing amount of people interested.


A special department “Export” was created at Scabal Headquarters to be able to follow up the increasing demand for fabrics of several European countries. At the same time Scabal started the use of the telex machine to be able to communicate orders more easily and quickly at any time, of course replaced in the eighties by the fax machine and later by email.


Scabal buys Barclays, a known fabric trader in London and as such increases its presence in UK.  As a passport of one of Scabal’s earliest employees shows (Mr. Norbert Nisen °1929), even more traveling to UK was done ever since.  With the continuously increasing demand for Scabal fabrics, more than once the doors had to be closed to be able to work in safe conditions, as customers came in big numbers.


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