Scabal Fabrics

5000 Possibilities

Pleasant to touch, refined style and traditional craftsmanship are the characteristics of the 5,000 fabrics available at Scabal for jackets, suits, trousers, overcoats and shirts. Twice a year Scabal launches up to fifteen new collections, incorporating all the new fabric trends.
Whether you are in love with light and fine fabrics, or a gentleman whose loyalty lies with traditional fabrics or someone who is able to change fabrics with the seasons, you will always find a fabric to suit your specific tastes.
Scabal has made a careful selection of the noblest raw materials: pure worsted wool, cashmere, silk, mohair, vicuna etc. You are able to design your outfit made in plain, striped, checked, fil à fil, herringbone, houndstooth, caviar etc. fabrics.
In our Fabrics Catalogue you can search easily for all those fabrics, see photos of all them and discover new fabric bunches.


Scabal selects the finest raw materials for its fabrics. The best Australian sheep are selected to provide the wool, the silkworm (bombyx mori) from Mongolia and China the best silk and from different types of cashmere goats the softest cashmere, the Angora goat one of the oldest textile fibers in use : mohair. For Alpaca, Camelhair and Guanaco only the finest animals are chosen to obtain the highest quality.
From plants Scabal selects the most sustainable, highest quality fibers to produce linen and cotton.


In 1973 Scabal acquires its own mill in the most famous region for cloth weaving in England: Yorkshire. This mill exists since 1899 but can trace its history back to the 16th century when weaving started on exactly the same spot ! The knowledge and craftsmanship of its entire staff is enormous.  The river Colne provides the clearest water for the purest treatment of Scabal fabrics. From the selection of fibres, to warping and weaving, to quality control, the entire process is managed by the most skilled people with a true Passion for Cloth.


Scabal invented the bunches to make it easy for cloth customers to find fabrics and show it to their customers. Till today they are made by hand in our own work shop.


Scabal has always been at the forefront of fabrics innovation. Our mill in Huddersfield is at the basis of many important developments.
1938 The first to use the bunch in its currently known form
1964 A record price has been set for an extraordinary bale of Australian wool. Scabal obtained full ownership and created the most expensive cloth in the world: Ultimus
1974 For a long time Super 100’s was regarded as the finest, Scabal invents the Super 120’s to push boundaries in search of finer wool
1991 Super 150’s Golden Carat is a new milestone in the fineness of wool, invented by Scabal
1994 Scabal produces the lightest cashmere ever made, called “Fascination”
1997 Private Line makes it possible to weave a text in a cutlength
2000 In 1971 painter Salvador Dali is requested to give his vision on men’s clothing in the year 2000. In that very year, Scabal launches its first Dali fabric collection.
2000 Scabal launches Diamond Chip and Gold Treasure fabrics, a most innovative way to interpret the most luxurious fabrics.
2004 In the continuous quest for softer and more luxurious fabric, vicuna is combined with Super 200’s to create “The Star”
2005 Scabal is the first to launch an online fabrics catalog with over 5000 fabrics, the possibility to search with 13 characteristics and to let its business customers order and pay online
2006 Summit is the pinnacle of fineness, a craftsman at our mill call it their lifetime achievement
2011 The Vicuna Jacketings range completes the range of vicuna fabrics and is another innovation from the Scabal fabrics department.

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