Questions to Ask Before Buying a Headband Wig

Headband wig wearing was a hit back in the 70s, but the trend is gradually picking up in the fashion industry. Some wig lovers choose it as a replacement for the standard wigs, while others; are an alternative. Their style is simple and comes in different textures to match your hair in minutes. Their ease of application has attracted several people include non-wig lovers across the world. We look at important questions to ask before buying a headband wig.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Headband Wig

When suppliers introduce anything new into the market, customers interested in it or who have used a similar product can’t wait to try it out. Like the headband wigs, their introduction attracted many people; however, you must take great caution when buying them, considering they are new to the market. There are few questions you must ask, which include;

Ø What is a Headband Wig?

Also known as half wigs, the headband wigs differ slightly from the typical lace wigs. They cover part of the head and leave the front part out for your hair to be seen. A headband is usually attached to the front section of the wig, which either matches the wig’s colour or is of a different color. They come with no lace, so you don’t need glue to attach them. They have a net cap that’s elastic and breathable, covering ¾ of the head, and the rest is the headband made of various materials like silk and cotton. The lack of lace makes headband wigs more affordable than common wigs.

Ø Where Can you Get the Headband Wig?

You can buy headband wigs from online shopping platforms or local stores as long they sell good quality wigs at affordable prices. Research on the best-rated wig companies, especially if they are based abroad, to ensure you get the right product.

Ø What’s the Process of Installing it?

Unlike other wigs, headband wigs are beginner-friendly, easy to wear and take off. The installation process is straightforward since the front area is already prepared for you, so no cutting or sticking of lace is needed. Below is a simple guide to help you wear the headband wig.

  • Comb the wig
  • Have your hair braided neatly to form cornrows or brush it backwards to keep the wig flat.
  • Put on the wig and fasten using the velcro tabs. You can choose to cover your whole head or leave part of your hair exposed. If so, lay your baby hairs, then use a stylish headband to cover the wig’s original one.
  • Style accordingly

How are They Styled?

You can style your headband wig in two ways: making a random hairstyle like a bun or using hair accessories. Some people are good at hairstyling and have different hairstyles ready at their fingertips. You can have the hair up in a ponytail or a bun or let it down in a straight, curly or wavy manner depending on the texture. Hair accessories such as ribbons, headbands, hairbands and scarves are perfect for achieving different looks with a single wig.


Headband wigs are not strange to wig lovers though new people are joining the trend every day. The tips above are ideal for anyone looking to buy these wigs as they differ from the typical wigs. The questions help familiarise yourself with them and make you more decisive on whether to make the purchase.