Parts of a detachable shower head you should Know

Do you have a handheld showerhead in your bathroom? Well, also known as a detachable shower head, this is among the best shower heads you can adjust to suit your preferences. It has a long adjustable hose attached to one end with the other end attached to the water outlet. The water outlet can be a sink faucet, tub spout, or a standard showerhead. Using this incredible showerhead comes with a lot of benefits as you can use it for doing the following:

  • Rinsing the shower walls after every use.
  • Bathing pets if you have them
  • Best for bathing kids.
  • They make bathing easy when seated
  • Helps disabled people to bathe effectively.

If you already have a handheld showerhead, you may have seen the different sections. However, do you know their essence? Also, if you are planning to get one of the best handheld showerheads, it is high time you understand the different parts for effective use. That is why this guide will evaluate the different parts of this amazing bathroom tool.

Knowing the different parts of a detachable showerhead

It is essential that you understand the different sections of a detachable showerhead so that you can choose the best one when the need arises. Apart from the hose and the showerhead itself, other parts include the showerhead holder, vertical slide bar, diverter valve, and shower arm.

The Showerhead Holder

Just like the name, this is a strong hook designed to hold a handheld showerhead. The showerhead holder is effective when you want to hang the showerhead when taking a bath because you cannot hold it throughout the bathing time. These showerheads are made with different designs; some are attached to a heavy-duty suction cup using glue, while others are screwed to the wall.

Shower Arm

This is simply a pipe connecting the showerhead to the wall of the bathroom. The ends of a shower arm have threads to screw one end into piping in the shower wall, and a showerhead screwed on the other end.

Vertical Slide Bar

This one has a vertical bar and a clip used to hold the handheld showerhead. You install it on the shower wall so that any user can adjust it either upwards or downwards as required.

Three-Way Diverter Valve

This one is a small connector pipe that has three openings where one opening is a water inlet while the other two are water outlets. When fixing it, you screw it in between the shower arm and the showerhead, hence making it possible to attach the handheld showerhead. Inside the three-way diverter valve, there is a valve inside with a switch on the outside. This feature gives the user to select the options for water exit either through the overhead shower or via the handheld showerhead.

Note: The three-way diverter valve is usually purchased as a separate part of the handheld showerhead. But if you are fortunate, you can get one that is included.


If you have been wondering what a detachable showerhead looks like and operates, I hope this article has shed some light your way.