How to Shop for Outdoor Plant Stands

Plants enhance your home or space but are not meant to get in the way of anything. Plant stands are, therefore, ideal for changing the flow and appearance of an area. You can find indoor and outdoor plant stands from local stores or flower shops in different materials like wooden, metal, and ceramic. We discuss the tips for choosing outdoor plant stands.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Plant Stands

Outdoor plant stands come in different styles, making the selection process difficult. Price and personal preference also play a huge role. The factors listed below will help you narrow down your choices and pick the most suitable stand.

1. Identify the Space

Decide on where to place the plant first. Evaluate it, keeping in mind the amount of room available for use, what size and type of stand will fit, i.e., single pot or multiple pot stands. The outdoor space also determines the size of the plant that can fit hence the ideal stand. A small outdoor area, for example, a balcony, cannot hold many huge plants. Small-sized stands are a good option. Large spaces like a yard can accommodate many plants of various sizes as well as stands. The space assurance allows you to pick whichever stand that suits the area and plant size too.

2. Material of the Stand

Outdoor stands are designed with environmental elements in mind. When choosing the best material, consider where the stand will be located and how the weather may affect it. Most are constructed from metal, and wrought iron is the most common. Other materials include resin, wood, powder-coated steel, and wicker. Go for stands that have a weather-resistant paint finish to prevent rusting in metal or rotting in wood. The material used should also be sturdy to hold your plants comfortably.

3. Plant Stand Style

The market has plenty of plant stands in varying styles that you can use in your outdoor area. You can decide to select one that matches the theme of the space, one that blends in, or one that stands out and is the main focal point. You can have it customized to your preference, having all the details you want, or get a ready-made one. They range from ladder styles, tiers, shelves, pedestals, tabletops, and many others.

4. Decorative Accents

Some stands are plain and don’t have much going on. For more beauty, choose stands with decorative scrollwork, typical in iron stands or a pop of color other than the usual white, black, or bronze. Bright colors make the space lively, however, ensure the paint complement the plantings and surrounding. Some like tabletops have an added ceramic tile or glass at the top.

Final Words

Outdoor plant stands would be a tremendous addition to your space for several benefits such as plant organization and elegance. They are available in many designs, styles, and sizes too that can fit any space. Consider the outdoor space, stand material, style, decorative features and factor in the price plus your set budget for the perfect stand.