How to Care For Your Human Hair Curly Wig?

Curly human hair wigs have never gone out of style as they allow you to look beautiful at every chance. Even though they need maintenance, it’s often easy to keep your curly wig in a good condition with simple care tips.

Therefore, In this article, you will learn how to care for and maintain your human hair curly wig properly.

How to Care For Your Human Hair Curly Wig

1. Section the hair

The first step to starting your curly wig care is to divide the hair into several sections. If the curls are small and tighter you should separate them until tinier sections. But if the curls are larger and loose, you can create larger parts.

2. Detangle the hair

After sectioning, the next step is to properly detangle the parts you divided your curly hair into. To achieve this faster, you should mix a detangling product with some water to create a mist. Carefully spray into each section.

3. Brushing

This is done with either your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. That’s because using regular hair brushes or combs can loosen the curly and cause your wig to shed or become frizzy.

Brushing the wet sections of the hair will help unknot the tangles. You have to brush gently to ensure the effectiveness of this stage.

4. Restore the Curls

Once you’re done with removing tangles from the hair, you will need to bring back the curls. That way, you can revive the original style the wig came in.

Depending on the new curl shape you want your hair to take, section the hair again into several parts. If you want tighter curls, then the sections must be smaller. Looser curls, larger sections. You can use your fingers to neatly twist each curl with care, then let it return to its initial curl pattern.

Note, if the curls are not as bouncy as you would love them to be, try to twist the curls in the other direction.

Since you’re dealing with a human hair curly wig, you can use a curly iron on low heat to restore the curls.

5. Carefully store the wig

This is the final and most important stage. Your detangled wig should be carefully stored to avoid further damages to the hair. You can use a hair net to cover the wig. This will let the curls stay in place and prevent more tangling.

Find a box or bag and lay your curly wig in it. Make sure to cover it to prevent dust from getting in.

Steps to washing your curly wig

In washing your human hair curly wig, you must adhere to these steps below:

  • Know your wig type
  • Shampoo and rinse off
  • Condition your hair
  • Air/sundry it

Final Thoughts

When it comes to taking care of curly wigs you must not avoid dumping your wig anyhow on the flow. Else, you risk damaging it beyond repair. This guide teaches you some of the wig care best practices; you will find them helpful.