How can a Bathroom Vanity transform a Bathroom Renovation?

The home is a reflection of the owner’s style and taste. Every room needs to play its part and should be as personalized as possible. Special attention should be devoted to bathrooms along with the living room as they are the most used rooms. 

Bathrooms need to feel welcoming, functional, and at the same time to feel like an extension of the home decor. To that end, every detail matters, from the tiles to the shower curtain and the bathroom vanity.

But it is the bathroom vanity that usually makes the biggest impact on the overall impression. Yes, other elements matter as well, but nothing can break or make a first impression in the bathroom as a bathroom vanity. 

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Here’s what it means to have a great bathroom vanity:

  • The bathroom can be perceived as bigger than it is. This can be achieved with a floating vanity that gives that appearance to any bathroom. 
  • The bathroom vanity can be a very unique and distinctive element. It is a focal point in the bathroom that can add instant charm with generic elements. Just by adding a unique bathroom vanity, you can change the entire perception of the bathroom, in terms of style and design. 
  • When it comes to style, the bathroom vanity can blend into the design, as well as it can be a point of contrast. That’s pretty much left to your preferences and sense of style. 
  • The bathroom vanity can be used for storing everything from hygiene products, towels, dirty clothes, and pretty much anything that needs to be in the bathroom. 
  • It can be styled with all sorts of accessories and decorations. There is no limit or a rule that says otherwise. 
1. Bunnings Vanity

However, all that depends on how good you are at choosing a great bathroom vanity. But to be able to choose well, first, you need to know the types of bathroom vanities. Here are a few dormant styles to consider.

  • Floating vanity – This one is a great space saver that makes the bathroom appear spacious. The floor underneath is open and free, which can be used as a spot for storing a wet basket or a weight scale. 
  • Bathroom vanity with legs – This is a great option for small bathrooms. Bathroom vanities with legs have an elegant appearance; it doesn’t dominate the room and has a classic appeal.
  • Toe kick bathroom vanity – This is the ultimate option for bathrooms that need extra storage. They are classic cabinets featuring recessed space where the feet can be rested. 
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Whether you have set your mind on a bunnings vanity or some other, the internet remains the best place for finding the perfect one. Nowadays, bathroom vanities are available in all sizes, designs, styles, and materials. Furthermore, they can be purchased for as little as a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. That means they are available for every budget.