Guide to Buying the Right Bidet Sprayer

A bidet is used for maintaining good hygiene when using a toilet. They have a lot of benefits to offer, and they are available in different designs. Handheld bidet sprayer is quite popular because of its affordability and simplicity. It is also known as a bidet shower, and it has a nozzle with a trigger to help with cleaning the bathroom. This type of sprayer is suitable if you want a bidet for cleansing. These are tips to help you choose the right travel bidet sprayer that suits your needs.

Ease of Installation

Installation of portable bidet sprayers is quite easy, and you do not need a plumber. Moreover, these kits come with accessories, parts, and tools required to install them. Some sprayers come with the head that can fit the existing hose. Thus, you only need to replace the sprayer head.

Material of Hose and Sprayer

Usually, hoses and sprayers are mainly made of either stainless steel or ABS plastic. Most homes have plastic sprayers as they are easy to handle and lightweight. However, they do not last long and break easily. Stainless steel sprayers durable but heavier. Thus, they may not be perfect for persons with a compromised ability to hold an object.

Material of T-valve

When choosing a handheld bidet sprayer, you have to consider the T-valve. That is because it allows water to flow from one outlet to another in multiple directions. The water can flow to the toilet water tank and to bidet sprayer. The modern sprayers have a T-valve made of brass, but you can also find some made of plastic. It is advisable to choose those made of brass as they are durable and can withstand leakages.


You can use handheld bidet sprayers for a wide range of purposes. This is dependent on how you will use it, and you might consider going for a sprayer that provides various levels of water pressure.

Toilet Seat Bidet Vs. Handheld

When it comes to cost, it is cheaper to purchase handheld bidet sprayers than bidet seats. As far as functionality is concerned, electric toilet seat bidets provide different options that include adjustable nozzles, warm water, heated toilet seats, and features. If you are only interested in personal hygiene, a handheld sprayer is enough. However, if you want features that provide luxury and comfort, you should consider toilet seat bidets.

The truth is that handheld bidet sprayers provide the much-needed convenience as far as hygiene and daily toilet cleaning tasks are concerned. When you install one in the toilet, it can be a great investment, especially if older people use it. The fact that they are made of various materials that range from stainless steel to plastic and have different features, you can find what best suits your needs.

Although there are various types of bidet sprayers available on the market, the handheld type is the right option. That is because it is budget-friendly and can be used for various applications. With some additional features, you can upgrade your bathroom experience.