Custom Tailors & Designers Association

Established in 1880 in Columbus (Ohio), the CTDA is the oldest continuously operating trade organization in the United States.
The Association was established as a venue through which ideas and techniques for design, pattern making, fitting, cutting, and tailoring could be shared and exchanged.
CTDA members are made up of bench tailors, custom clothiers, designers, direct sellers, and luxury retailers and the organization has a comprehensive training program which includes courses on measuring, fitting, business, blue pencil, and fabric knowledge (to name a few).
Being a member of the CTDA not only provides access to these educational classes, but the Association provides mentoring, networking opportunities, and certification programs as well as marketing and promotional support via the CTDA newsletter, website, and social media channels.
The CTDA will be hosting the Designer Forum in New York from January 25th to 27th, 2014.
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Ferrucci Celebrates 50 Years

Ferrucci Ltd of New Haven recently celebrated their 50th year in business with a first class event in their Elm Street “galleria”.
Master tailor, Vincent P. Ferrucci, and his son, Vincent F. Ferrucci offer both ready to wear as well as fully handmade bespoke garments.
Mr Ferrucci senior began studying the art of tailoring when he was just 13 years of age in his hometown of Gioia
in Italy. He then moved to Rome when he was 16 to finish his apprenticeship before moving to the United States in 1958. When asked if being a master tailor is a dying art, the master said, “That is correct. It takes too long to learn. Today they want to become a lawyer or an engineer or doctor.”
When asked why he is not a master tailor like his father, Vincent F. Ferrucci notes, “That’s like saying, ‘Why don’t you become a concert pianist?’ You have to decide to do it early in your youth. And the talent has to be there, too.”
For contemporary style with the artisan touch of a master craftsman, the father and son team at Ferrucci Ltd has you covered.
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Cloth of the Month

Featured in the Casual Chic (bunch 353) folder, Dormeuil’s Whipcord is our Cloth of the Month for December.
Dormeuil’s Whipcord has a reputation founded on strength, dimensional stability, and a matchless finish. Incomparable performance is the hallmark of this traditional cloth. New colors have been created to enrich this collection as well as a new smoother finish.
There is nothing more durable than a pair of trousers or a jacket made with this superb 14 oz (440 gr) 100% Worsted Wool cloth.