Beautiful wall decor ideas using customized painting

Are you looking for a way to showcase your customized painting showing family portraits, graduation, travel memories, or other special days in your life in trendy and fashionable ways that enhance your home décor? Look no further, as you can comfortably create your own Canva prints and use them for wall décor.

If you don’t want to create yours, iCustompainting is here to help you create a customized painting that suits your needs. The great thing about them is that they create customized paintings that are durable, give you value for your money, and most importantly, at affordable rates. It’s such a good investment because it’s a transferrable property.

Canva prints are very versatile, as they are great statement pieces that can be artistically displayed on the wall. They work on both traditional and contemporary décor styles.

Without further ado, let’s look at various wall ideas that can be implemented using customized painting


Let’s delve in.

Wall décor ideas using customized painting (Canva prints)

1. Wedding photos:

Why wouldn’t you want to share one of the best days of your life as a customized painting? Not only does it help you to relive the memories of that special day and keep you and your partner refreshed and happy, but it also creates this warm and friendly aura whenever visitors enter your home.

2. Family portraits:

The beautiful thing about family portraits is that they can be constantly renewed as time goes by or as the family grows bigger. You can show an entire family journey just by creating different customized paintings stationed at strategic places in your house.

You can also create a family tree, and it will look unique because family tree photos done with canvas prints are not so popular.

3. Rules in the family

Are you tired of implementing rules by word-of-mouth? Do you want to create a system where occupants of the house remember the rules without you reminding them all the time?

Then, look no further! You can create a rule board using Canva prints stationed at an easy-to-view position. It will look very unique and creative, and people are subconsciously reminded of these rules all the time.

If you don’t want to put rules, you can make creative Canva prints of your favorite quotes or sayings.

4. Photo collage

If you want to create a customized painting but have a small space, then photo collages are your best bet. They are designed to accommodate several pictures and painting combinations in one space.

A photo collage will definitely stand out amongst other gallery prints if you place them side by side, especially as a décor piece in your office.

5. Nature photos

Do you love nature? Do you enjoy basking in the ambiance of the natural environment? Then a customized painting of the natural environment created with canvas prints will set the tone. You can be as creative as you want- include so many flowers, design a mountain top, beachside, or various animals.

All these helps to bring a touch of light, color, and warmth, to space.