Answering Top Questions about Artificial Ivy Garland

You might probably be looking for a very easy and convenient way to add more decor to your environment, you should check out efeu künstlich girlande. They are so easy to use, can be set up by anyone, do not really cost much, and can also be easily removed. They are mostly used for decorations.

Customers deserve to know everything about any product before they buy it. They try to get this information by asking pertinent questions which would be answered by the company. This article is a collection of basic questions that people ask about artificial ivy garland and their answers.

Basic Questions on Artificial Ivy Garland

1. Is There A Metal In Them To Bend?

The answer to this question is no because the artificial ivy is made of cloth and does not have any form of metal inside to enable it to bend.

2. Are They Pet Safe?

People ask this question frequently to know if their artificial ivy garland will be safe from pet destruction. The safety of your artificial ivy garland depends on how elevated it is from the floor and how you hang them.

If you know that you have pets around, you should always pay attention and try to remove it whenever it is not in use.

3. Does The Artificial Ivy Garland Have A Plastic Smell?

Due to the materials with which the artificial ivy was produced, the plastic smell is only very little. This is also because of the production process. But this is not a cause for alarm, because the plastic smell will cease when it is placed in a well-ventilated place for a while.

4. How to Hang the Artificial Ivy?

The best way to hang your artificial ivy depends on what you want to use it for. If you need it to cover a full length, you would have to let it hang from the top. Meanwhile, if you need it for other reasons, based on the kind of surface you wish to cover, you can manipulate it until it gives you the desired result.

5. Are They Fire Resistant?

The artificial ivy garland is made of cloth and is therefore very sensitive to heat. If the temperature around them is very hot, it can easily get burnt.

6. How Much Do They Cost?

How much the artificial ivy garland costs depends on the brand or the company you want to buy from. Some companies are known to offer quality products than others. Before you proceed to buy an artificial ivy garland, you should compare the prices of different companies to know the one you can afford.

7. What Materials Are Needed To Hang The Artificial Ivy?

There is no special material needed to hang the artificial ivy garland. They are flexible enough and can easily twist. You can also try to tie them so that they do not easily lose after positioning them.


The questions listed above are ultimate frequently asked questions about artificial ivy garland and their answers, and they would be very helpful to anyone that wants to know more about artificial ivy garland.