A Guide For Cleaning And Maintaining Chandelier

Chandeliers are not the cheapest products to purchase. Therefore, if you own a chandelier, you may want to keep it in working condition for a long time. Therefore, chandeliers for interior designers need proper maintenance. A significant part of chandelier maintenance is proper cleaning. Therefore, this write-up covers chandelier cleaning.

Tips for cleaning chandeliers

Before going into the breakdown of how to clean a chandelier, you first need to know when is the right time to clean a chandelier. A typical chandelier needs to be cleaned at least once every year. However, it depends on how and where it is applied. For instance, rustic outdoor appliances may require more constant cleaning than a chandelier used in the bedroom or closet. Additionally, you can also tell when you need to clean your chandelier if the crystals start looking dull. Sometimes, you will also know your chandelier needs to be clean when it gathers dust.

With that said, below is a guide on how to clean a chandelier properly:

1. Plan the process

The first thing is to plan before you start cleaning the chandelier. More often than not, chandeliers have a complex hanging pattern. Therefore, you must consider this element when planning the cleaning. You can create a diagram of where all the parts go, so putting it back together will be easy. You can also take snapshots using a camera.

However, before doing this, you must decide whether you want to tear apart the whole thing or only parts when cleaning. You can also use a ladder to clean the chandelier in its position.

2. Gather your supplies

After developing a plan, the next step is to gather the supplies you need. There isn’t anything complex about this step. Below are the supplies you need:

  • Ladder: you will need a step ladder to reach the chandelier
  • Pads or drop cloths: you will also need pads or drop clothes to go underneath the chandelier
  • Padding: this tool will help prevent breakage of the crystals or glass in case you drop something. You can also use the padding to protect your furniture or table tops while cleaning or taking the chandelier down.
  • You may also need white gloves or soft and lint-free pieces of clothes, especially if you are working with a crystal chandelier.

3. Turn the power off and start the process

From here, you can start the cleaning process. However, you must first turn off the power for safety. You would also need to place a piece of tape over the chandelier’s wall switch to keep it from being turned on while you are cleaning. You can go as far as to turn off the breaker box. From there, you can start cleaning the chandelier methodically.


Regardless of the process, you use for cleaning, try not to twirl or rotate the chandelier. Doing this will cause damages. For instance, it could cause it to break or loosen its support. Instead, move your ladder around the chandelier as you clean it in sections. It would also be wise to change out the bulbs while cleaning.